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20/20 Foresight: ACC 2018 Talks About the Future

We are less than two months away from ACC 2018!

 With this year’s theme “Eyes on 2020: Turning Vision into Action”, the conference will tackle big things happening in the space of telecommunications technology. Here are a few topics that ACC 2018 delegates and partners will be talking about:

 What does the rise of blockchain mean for carriers? 

We have yet to see how the industry will adopt blockchain and unleash its full potential. It can change our business models and value chains in directions we have yet to fully explore. It is an exciting new frontier for wholesale carriers, as blockchain adoption could lead to new dimensions of connectivity for our customers. 

How far are we going for our roaming customers? As the global village becomes smaller with travel, roaming services need to catch up with the demands for customers—from weekend tourists to jetsetters—who go far and abroad. 

Are we putting our money on fintech? 

With the continued surge of online payments, how people handle their money has become an increasingly pressing concern for the telco industry. The future of payments plays a huge part in the future of carriers, not just as a business process but as a business for carriers themselves. 

Are telcos on top of the OTT trends? 

The popularity of over-the-top services and applications is fueling the demand for more data and, in effect, the demand for better offerings from communication service providers. More importantly, the rise of OTTs is also pushing CSPs to reinvent themselves in terms of delivering quality voice, messaging, and media services. 

Can we keep telecommunications safe? 

We have seen in the past year one big privacy breach after another. Data privacy and network security as issues have evolved from the time of wiretaps to waves of identity theft and cyber plunder. Protecting both our service networks and our customers is now among the top priorities of the industry.

What other breakthroughs and challenges would our industry see in the next few years? 

Smart cities, the internet of things, and machine-to-machine communications were once science fiction—now, telecommunications has become the foundation for building communities, business operations, and everyday life. At the same time, CSPs are challenged to meet evolving expectations from customers and its demands on infrastructure and capabilities. How CSPs will evolve from these developments will be the fulfillment of the industry’s vision turned into action. 

 Through networking, collaboration, and learning in ACC 2018, we become an integral part of that shared future of interconnectivity: dynamic and secure, every time and everywhere.  

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