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After Google acquired Waze, the world’s largest community based driving traffic and navigation app with more than 250 million drivers around the globe, Uri Levine pursued his dream to create great value for large audiences through the series of startups he founded. His vision is specifically intended to disrupt inefficient markets and improve under-functioning services, with focus on solving “BIG problems” and saving consumers time and money, while empowering them and changing the world for the better.

Levine is Co-Founder, Chairman or Board Member in several startups with the agenda of “doing good and doing well”:  FeeX, Moovit, HERE, Engie, FairFly, ZeeK, Roomer, WeTrip, Seetree, Refundit, and Lifecare. He is always working on his next idea. Uri has been in the high-tech business for the last 30 years, half of them in the startup scene, and has seen everything ranging from failure, middle success and extreme success. He is set to share his passion and experience with the ACC 2018 delegates!

E-commerce and online media business leader, online entrepreneur, teacher, and public speaker Pawoot “Pom” Pongvitayapanu is joining the telecommunications community for ACC 2018 on September 4 to 7 at Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort, Cebu, Philippines. Catch the president of the Thai E-commerce Association on the conference stage as he shares with industry movers and shakers how he has been turning his pioneering ideas into reality.

With the theme “Eyes on 2020: Turning Vision into Action”, ACC 2018 is about networking, collaborating, and learning from transformative leaders such as Pom Pongvitayapanu on how we can work towards what we are looking forward to–a bright future for global telecommunications.



ACC 2018 is proud to present workshops to inspire action and gear the community towards the future. Workshops are on Days 2 & 3 of the conference. Stay tuned for more sessions and the final schedule.

SAP Digital Interconnect invites you to a VoLTE focused workshop in coordination with PCCW, at the ACC 2018 conference.

In the workshop we will take a look at new market drivers for VoLTE interworking including IoT and RCS, and will revisit the relevance of Local Break-out of VoLTE roaming. The time is right for MNOs to focus on VoLTE Interworking and we take a closer look at this in the workshop.

Gain insights from the Ovum whitepaper focused on Enabling VoLTE Interworking: Evolution and Benefits.

The future of messaging is here, and its name is Rich Communication Services (RCS). The universal way of connecting with customers through limited plain texts is quickly losing its effectiveness as customers crave the richer experiences of IP-based interactive messaging. Being able to take simple text messaging to a new level and generate new revenues while solving the complexities of business-to-consumer messaging is key. Supporting a rich, high-availability, secure service designed with controls geared to minimize revenue leakage and ensure end-to-end connectivity and enhanced business messaging services is vital to your success.

PCCW Global will share two use-cases of blockchain in wholesale telecommunication services between operators: a PoC that demonstrates automation of dispute-resolution and settlement between wholesale voice carriers; and a PoC that demonstrates automation of wholesale quoting, ordering, billing and settlement between international data operators.

Blockchain has been identified as a digital revolutionary opportunity which is extremely well suited to the global telecom operator ecosystem of trusted, connected and distributed parties. Carriers are in a great position to provide a most efficient, secure, and reliable Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) infrastructure, upon which to build the next generation of digital services. An inter-carrier blockchain platform will bring enormous benefits to customers that should have streamlined solutions in this digital era. Ling Wu, the Co-Chairman of the Carrier Blockchain Study Group (CBSG) Consortium, will share more details to all ACC participants in this presentation.

An intelligent, scalable and resilient network is a critical key success factor that underpins all Smart City initiatives. From e-hailing to 5G, and from Internet of Things (IoT) to self-driving cars, how do we ensure the networks we build today can provide the connectivity required to support the demands of tomorrow? In this session, we will discuss the key considerations when building the network for a Smart City. Using what we know today, we will also explore how we can prepare networks and infrastructure to be flexible enough to handle whatever is coming our way.

Mobile Financial Services accelerate the growth of the digital economy by providing universally accessible financial infrastructure for the un(der)-banked. Carriers are perfectly placed to fill this need with the addition of financial services platforms to their already pervasive mobile networks. Huawei has partnered with many carriers to create successful and profitable mobile money ecosystems, a partnership with Huawei will accelerate the development of your mobile money ecosystem. This will cover: (1) The development of mobile money, from ‘an idea’ to a ‘disruptor’ to the ‘enabler of the digital economy;’ (2) How mobile money makes a real difference to people’s lives; (3) How access technology, networks and platforms are powering the evolution of mobile financial service networks; and (4) How mobile money ecosystems are integrating both nationally and internationally to enable near real-time transfers of funds so money can be put to work where and when its needed.

Security services are an obvious opportunity for mobile operators looking for new ways to strengthen ties to customers, reduce churn, and grow revenue. Families and small businesses see regular coverage of Internet threats and they’re nervous about identity theft or financial loss. Internet users also want more control, parents need visibility into what children do on the internet, and small businesses want to manage usage by their employees. In both cases convenience is critical, today’s services have to minimize subscriber oversight without compromising privacy. This workshop will discuss threats consumers and small business face and cover new network-based security and personalization solutions. Providers will learn about services that offer foundational security protections, are simple for subscribers to use, and allow for infinite customization. Markets and business models will also be discussed.

By transforming and redefining customer experiences in messaging and video services, OTTs and telcos have together aimed to further improve and innovate product offerings for consumers. This workshop shares the latest in insights on the what’s next for OTTs, highlighted by exciting news from Libon, the all-in-one communication app developed by Orange!
Industry incumbents are now the driving force for market disruption, moving fast to embrace platform business models, and shifting their cultures to create learning enterprises. See how business leaders can apply the latest C-suite insights to lead their organizations to the future—by Dancing with disruption, Creating a path to personalization, Establishing platform business models, and Setting innovation in motion.

Catch Uri Levine and Thai e-commerce pioneer Pawoot “Pom” Pongvitayapanu
as they share their vision with the global telecommunications community on September 4 to 7 at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort, Cebu Philippines. With the theme “Eyes on 2020: Turning Vision into Action”, ACC is about networking, collaborating, and learning with transformative leaders on how industry movers and shakers transform bright ideas into reality.

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